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Weizhen Hi-tech Material Co., Ltd. Is dedicated to the technology innovation and manufacturing of stainless steel casting and processing since its incorporation. The corporate goal is to continuously create value for customers and the society.


In January 2010

Weizhen Hi-tech Material Co., Ltd was set up by industry entrepreneur with a focus on the centrifugal casting of stainless steel parts.

In February 2012

The technological innovation for the production lines of stainless steel bowl for horizontal screw decanter centrifuge for sewage treatment was completed, which has been a blank space in China.

In October 2013

The Development and Application Project of centrifugal bowl for Horizontal Screw Decanter Centrifuge was awarded the National Technology Innovation Project Award.

In October 2014

Weizhen participated as a main drafter in the compilation of National Machinery Standards JB/T11874-2014 for Centrifugal Cast Stainless Steel for Decanter Centrifuge . Weizhen was recognized as National Hi-tech Company in the same year. resources development;

In January 2015

Weizhen jointly built an industry-university-research joint laboratory with Sichuan University.

In May 2016

Guangdong Fenghua Zhuoli Technology Co., Ltd invested in Weizhen Hi-tech as a stake holder. PCM sand 3D Printing technology was introduced into the company. Weizhen thus advances towards the application of cutting-edge 3D printing technology and research and application of special alloy materials.

In November 2017

The party branch of the company was established. In December, company products were successfully exported for the first time and shipped to the United States.

In January 2018

Large size stainless steel sand casting parts were developed and exported to Austria. In March, the production technology for centrifugal casting of large diameter casting parts was innovated and mastered, Which enables Weizhen to produce centrifugal casting parts up to 1200mm. Large diameter centrifugal casting parts were mass-produced and exported to Germany in the same year.

In April 2019

Weizhen started the construction project of intelligent manufacturing of high-end components, which covers an area of more than 40,000 square meters. The company was awarded the title of Sichuan Province Integrity Demonstration Enterprise in the same year.

In March 2020

Guangdong Fenghua Zhuoli completed the equity acquisition of Weizhen. Weizhen Hi-tech thus became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fenghua Zhuoli Technology Co., Ltd.

Weizhen completed the trial production of casting products for a British energy giant and gained the acceptance in the same year.

In September, Weizhen Hi-tech was recognized as Chengdu Enterprise Technology Center.

In December, Weizhen was identified as Sichuan Province Gazelle Enterprise.


In June 2021

Weizhen moved to the new production site. Weizhen aims to build itself into a green intelligent manufacturing factory in three years, combining core 3D printing technology with stainless steel casting technology.

In November 2022

Weizhen Hi-tech was recognized as Sichuan Province Enterprise Technology Center.