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Happy "June 1st" International Children's Day to all children.

2024-06-06 11:08:03

Unleashing Hope and Blooming Smiles — WEIZHEN Wishes Children a Happy Holiday

As the "June 1st" International Children's Day approaches, WEIZHEN has presented gifts and heartfelt care to the children of its employees.

The growth and development of our enterprise are inseparable from the hard work and dedication of all staff members, as well as the full support of their families. Along with the steady increase in corporate benefits, the company's care for employees and their families has never been absent. The regular care activities for Children's Day have brought warmth deep into the hearts of employees and their families. Staff members have expressed their gratitude, saying that although they cannot be with their children every day, the company's humanistic care makes them feel very warm.

At this critical moment of striving for the semi-annual goals, facing heavy production and business tasks, the company's care has given everyone more confidence and motivation. We firmly believe that through hard work and striving for better performance, we will achieve the common development of both the enterprise and individuals!

Happy "June 1st" International Children's Day to all children. May we, the adults, Keep dreams in our hearts and light in our eyes, Never lose our childlike innocence, and move forward bravely.

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